Cat Enclosures

We regularly see cats that have been in fights with other neighbourhood cats or possums, and come home with wounds, abscesses or worse. One way for these cats to avoid injury is to be provided with a cat enclosure or “cat run”.

What is a cat enclosure exactly?
A cat enclosure is an outdoor space, usually attached to a home that enables your cat to have all the benefits of the outdoors, while remaining in the safety of “their own territory” where unwanted visitors cannot access.

Don’t cats need to be able to go outdoors every day?
Cats do not need to go outdoors to live a healthy life. Cats do however enjoy exploring the outdoors environment, but this does not mean they need to roam free. A cat enclosure can include plants, trees, lawn and even furniture – giving your cat all the goodness of the great outdoors without any risk. Essentially your cat run is only limited by your imagination.

Why is a cat enclosure a good idea?
Cat runs are a great idea for any cat. They allow your cat to stretch, get some exercise and provide extra mental stimulation. The health advantages are numerous – they prevent fights with other neighbourhood cats, prevent injuries and prevent transfer of diseases like Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukaemia Virus. You will save money, as there are likely to be fewer trips to the vet because of fight wounds, and there will be less native animals killed through predation by domestic cats.

How do I get a “cat run”?
There are several ways to do this. You can hire one of the many companies who specialise in building cat enclosures, or if you are able you can build your own DIY cat run. One of our clients have bought a second hand bird aviary and attached it to the side of their house, inserting a cat door so their cat can now happily roam from indoors to outdoors. Alternatively you can hire a tradesman to build one to your specifications.

Can I see a cat enclosure?
One of the best examples of a cat run can be seen right here in the Gungahlin region. Our clients, Lynette and Lisa, have shared photos of their magnificent cat run. From these photos you can see that an enclosure does not have to dominate your backyard.

The unfortunate fact is that cats that are allowed to roam free visit the vet more often than their “indoor” cousins, and they may even be unfortunate enough to be hit by a car, get stuck down a drain, get stolen, mistreated, or become disorientated and unable to find their way home. A cat enclosure is a great way to provide your small friend with a safe outdoor environment – ultimately keeping your cat healthy and both of you happy.