The only thing more distressing than your small friend going missing, is finding a lost small friend and not knowing whom it belongs to and where it lives. Often these small friends can end up at the RSPCA and if owners cannot be found, are sometimes put to sleep. There is a tiny thing that can give these situations a happy ending … a microchip.

What is a microchip?
A microchip is a device the size of a grain of rice that contains a unique and permanent 15-digit number.

Where does the vet put the microchip?
The microchip is placed under the skin, between the shoulder blades via an injection. Once put under the skin the microchip remains in place forever. It cannot be removed or damaged and therefore is a certain way of identifying small friends for life.

How does it work?
The microchip contains an integrated circuit with a unique 15-digit number. Once the microchip is in place Small Friends Veterinary Hospital staff immediately register its number on a national database with your contact details. If your small friend is ever found and brought to a veterinary hospital, animal shelter, or the pound, the first thing that the staff will check for is this microchip, by running a special microchip scanner over your small friend’s shoulders. Once the 15-digit number is obtained this can be plugged into the national database. A match is found and you are contacted immediately – your small friend can be back home with you all within minutes!

What if my contact details change?
Once the microchip is in place it is imperative that the database remain up to date with accurate current contact details. Your contact details can be updated at any time, and as many times as required. When your small friend is microchipped at Small Friends Veterinary Hospital your microchip is registered immediately and a certificate of registration is issued. This certificate includes details to contact if you would like to update your records, if you are unsure just call Small Friends Veterinary Hospital on 02 6262 2233 and we can help you.

Are my details safe on the database?
Yes, as only authorised vets and animal shelters can access the database and only phone numbers are listed. If further information is required the database will contact you directly.

How do I know if my small friend has a microchip?
The only way to tell if your small friend has a microchip is by scanning your small friend’s shoulder region with a microchip scanner. Microchips are extremely difficult to feel reliably by hand. It is also important to be sure that your microchip is registered. Sometimes breeders and/or vets have microchips put in place but do not register the microchip to a database. Without this registration the microchip is useless as there is no way of finding to whom this small friend belongs.

Can I check if my small friend has a microchip and if it is registered?
Of course! If you are concerned or unsure if your microchip is registered, or if you would like to find out if your small friend actually has a microchip, you can have your small friend scanned at their next appointment with one of our vets, or you can just pop into Small Friends Veterinary Hospital next time you are passing by during opening hours and our staff can scan your small friend. If a microchip is found we can run a check on the database to see if the microchip is registered. If it isn’t registered we can register it on the spot for you.