New Kitten Tom’s Journey with Small Friends

This is Tom. Tom is a brand new Chinchilla X kitten who lives in Ngunnawal with Debbie and her daughter. We are going to follow Debbie and Tom’s journey through Small Friends.

“Both my daughter and I think Tom is the cutest! We love his playful nature which is good because playing is what little cats do best. At home Tommy has a play centre of his own. Chrissy, our dog, can’t play in it because she is far too big, but sometimes Tommy comes out and plays with Chrissy’s long wagging tail so she doesn’t feel left out. Tommy is not always playing, at night he likes to relax next to me purring and giving me kisses on the nose”.

Tom with Katina

Health Check, Vaccinations, Worming & Microchipping 
“Today Tommy visited Small Friends for his vaccinations, health check, microchipping and worming. The whole experience was very new and exciting for both of us. While at Small Friends we had the chance to meet the whole team, everybody thought Tommy was so cute which is probably why they have asked him to feature on the Small Friends website.

As the camera was on both Tommy and I we had to put on our ‘brave faces’ while he was getting his vaccination, microchip and worming. I was a little anxious about the needles but before I knew it, it was all over and there were hugs all round for Tommy and a sigh of relief for me.

After such a big and exciting trip out I thought that Tommy may be a little sore. However when we got home Tommy was just as playful as ever and was very excited to tell Chrissy about his adventure at Small Friends”.

Tom having his vaccination

“In Tommy’s world every day is a different adventure and today was no exception. Tommy’s day started with an early morning wake up, a big stretch and off for breakfast he went….. but to his surprise there was to be no breakfast for poor hungry Tom. Before he knew it I had picked him up and popped him into his box and into the car to be taken to Small Friends Veterinary Hospital. He had forgotten how hungry he was and was more intrigued as to where I was taking him.

On arrival at Small Friends we were greeted by the nurses who then showed us into a consultation room and spoke to my daughter and I about Tom’s day stay at Small Friends. Both Tom and I were very relaxed while talking to the nurses, my daughter on the other was a little anxious. The nurses spoke to us about everything that was going to happen throughout the day, informing us that we would receive a call as soon as the procedure was all done and Tom was back in his bed and recovered. This news relieved my daughter of her anxiety and she made me promise to call her as soon as Small Friends had called me.  We arranged to pick Tommy up at 3:30pm and said our Goodbyes, it was hard saying Goodbye but I knew he was in good hands.

Tom up and playing again after his desexing surgery

After a whole day away from Tommy we were back at Small Friends to pick up our boy. My daughter was very excited to see him, as was I.  The vet who had done the procedure greeted us in reception and once again we were invited into the consultation room where we had a chat about Tom’s stay with Small Friends. The vet was very pleased to tell us that Tom had a fantastic day and that there were cuddles all round. The vet explained to us what to expect following Tom’s surgery, also advising us that Tom may be a little sleepy when he gets home and not to worry, however if we are at all concerned to call Small Friends.”

Three days later
“Today we received a call from Small Friends to check on Tom to make sure that he is doing well after his surgery. I was pleased to inform Small Friends that Tom was back to his playful ways and that his appetite has increased and he seems happier than ever.

I was very excited to have Tom’s procedure done as I have had male cats in the past and had issues with spraying, I felt assured that Tom was in good hands and all necessary information was given to me when I took Tom into Small Friends for his surgery.”