In House Laboratory, Haematology and Biochemistry

On the Spot Results

Small Friends Veterinary Hospital has an extensive laboratory in house. Our microscope, refractometer, urine chemistry analysis, haematology and biochemistry machines give us the ability to perform blood and urine tests whilst you and your small friend are here for your consultation, which enables us to offer you on the spot results. This dramatically reduces the time between onset of illness and commencement of treatment – leading to the speediest possible recovery for your small friend.

If specialised testing is required, our courier drops by twice a day to pick up samples to be processed at an external laboratory. These results are emailed to Small Friends Veterinary Hospital as soon as they are available. Our staff then phone you immediately with these results.

All small friends who are to have an anaesthetic are offered a preanaesthetic blood test. This simple but important test can be performed whilst your small friend is comfortable in their bed awaiting their surgery.