Premium Food

All the staff at Small Friends Veterinary Hospital love food. We understand that food needs to not only be nutritionally valuable but taste great too. For that reason we only stock Hills and Royal Canin. Both these foods carry a palatability guarantee – if after introducing your small friend to these foods they don’t like it you get your money back.

We stock the Standard range, and Prescription and Preventative diets in standard size bags. Once we have found the perfect diet for your small friend’s needs we are able to order in any size bag you require and will keep these bags in stock for whenever your small friend needs them.

Every now and again we all need a little something special and our small friends are no different. Especially for these times Small Friends Veterinary Hospital has a great range of quality treats including Feline and Canine Greenies™, Liver Treats and Pigs Ears.

NB: Royal Canin offer a “Frequent Buyer’s Card” which entitles clients to 1 free bag of food with every 10th bag purchased. Small Friends Veterinary Hospital initiates this card for all clients that buy Royal Canin food. For more information call Small Friends Veterinary Hospital on 02 6262 2233.