So you are taking your small friend overseas. How exciting! There are many things that need to be organised when taking your small friend out of Australia. These range from flights, right through to dealing with quarantine requirements both here and in your destination country. We at Small Friends Veterinary Hospital are accredited to help you meet the veterinary requirements necessary when taking youroverseas. We have been preparing animals for export for 15 years – we’ve seen it all and can answer all your questions.

The export information on our website is intended as a first base resource on the veterinary requirements involved in travelling with your small friend. From this information you will be able to get an idea of the length of time required to carry out these veterinary requirements before your small friend can “take-off”.

Once you have had a chance to read our website we recommend you contact the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR). It is here that you will be able to confirm information relating to your travels and receive advice regarding the legal requirements and paperwork involved in exporting from Australia and importing your small friend to your destination country. As Small Friends Veterinary Hospital is a privately owned and operated hospital, without affiliation with the Australian Government, we are unable to advise you of matters relating to this paperwork.

Please be aware that each country has specific requirements for animals entering and these requirements can change at any time. We at Small Friends Veterinary Hospital make every attempt to keep up to date with these changes but final instruction should be received from DAWR.

DAWR Contact Details: 
Ph: 1800 020 504 or 02 6272 4581 
Fx: 02 6272 5423 
W: MICoR Live Animals

Please click on the flag of your destination country below to see what steps need to be taken to fulfil the veterinary requirements of export. If your country’s flag does not appear on this page please click here and complete our quotation form. A member of the Small Friends Veterinary Hospital staff will contact you with details of the veterinary preparation for export to your destination country and a quotation to have this work performed at Small Friends Veterinary Hospital.

The requirements for entry into individual importing countries can change at short notice. The information contained here is intended as a guide only, and all import requirements will be checked to ensure they are up to date at your small friend’s first export appointment. 

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To obtain a quote to have Small Friends Veterinary Hospital complete the veterinary preparation for your small friend’s travel to another country please click here.

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