Archie & Pip Hall

How did your owner decide they wanted a small friend and that you would be the right small friend for them?
Our owners love dogs and wanted to grow their little family. They chose us because they love Border Collies.

Where did your owner find you?
Archie was from Cargo, NSW and I (Pippy) am from Orange, NSW.
How did your owner choose your name?
They loved both our names. They always knew their first pup would be Archie and as soon as they met me, they knew Pippy suited me.

What do you enjoy doing?
We love to go for a run and play with the ball at the park. We also love family road trips, especially to the beach!

Do you have a favourite treat, spot or toy?

We love chicken! And we love to snuggle up with our owners on the bed at night.

What do you think makes you so special to your owner?

We are really cute, cuddly, well behaved and great company for them. We are also really loving and gentle with our new little human brother.