Daisy & Lily Liptai

My sister Lily and I (I’m Daisy) came to adopt our humans Gavin and Marie after we spotted them wandering around the pet shop in Mitchell. It was obvious to us they didn’t have enough cats. Fortunately Gavin and Marie have required very little training for it seems they have a natural leaning towards trying to please us, so the past few months have passed quite happily. It has been lovely showing them how to knead scones correctly and arrange various artistic installations where required.

We all share a passion for food, music, laundry, sleep and bird watching. Just the other day I was able to point out a White-plumed Honeyeater near our cat enclosure that was trying to eat my honey.

Lily and I keep busy through the day with our various hobbies. I like to check the piano is in tune at least once a day. This is best done in the still of the night with as many notes as possible. I have also been able to assist Gavin with some of my secret Bonsai techniques and his trees have benefitted greatly. Meanwhile Lily has been busy working on Marie’s corner pots and pans cupboard every chance she gets and the fabric stash also takes up a lot of her time.

We are quietly confident that Gavin and Marie will continue to benefit from our help and the Small Friends team will always be on our side should we need them.

Graciously yours,

Daisy L
(I’m the one on the right)