Dexter Day

How did your owner decide they wanted a small friend and that you would be the right small friend for them?
They saw me for the first time and thought I was the cutest puppy they had ever seen. Dad told mum that if I was soft when he cuddled me that they would have to take me home.

Where did your owner find you?
My mum and dad got me from a breeder in Victoria

How did your owner choose your name?
Mum and dad had been watching the TV series Dexter and when I came home I had ginger hair like the main character so I became a Dexter too!

What do you enjoy doing?

I love cuddling! It’s my favourite past time. I also like walks and playing with my cat brother.

Do you have a favourite treat, spot or toy?
On the first day mum and dad got me they took me to the pet store to get food and I ran over to a purple dinosaur that I named Arlo that was 3 times the size of me. I have taken him to bed every night since. I’m now bigger than him though!

What do you think makes you so special to your owner?
I’m the perfect dog for my family. I love to play and have fun and snuggle up close to mum to keep her warm when it’s cold.

Are there any funny or interesting stories about you that you can share with us?
Everyday when my parents or a visitor come home I have to bring them a gift such as a shoe or one of my toys but I won’t give them the gift I just follow them around wagging my fluffy tail until I decide I’m ready to snuggle.
I also love to sleep on the pillows on the bed so my parents are very happy that I don’t take up any extra room. In the middle of the night when I get cold I tap one of them on the shoulder so they can lift up the doona cover and let me in so I don’t get too cold. I always have to be in the middle!