Hershey Grimwood

How did your owner decide they wanted a small friend and that you would be the right small friend for them?
My owners needed someone to rule the house whilst they are busy “working” at their jobs. They obviously chose me because I was the cutest of the litter and how could you say ‘no’ to my face?

Where did your owner find you?
I was born in Sydney, NSW and my parents brought me to Canberra to meet the rest of the family.

How did your owner choose your name?
Well, as I am chocolate dapple, and I look delicious, they decided Hershey would be perfect. Who doesn’t like Hershey Kisses?

What do you enjoy doing?
My favourite things to do are sleep, then eat, then play, then sleep, then eat, and then play. Oh wait…yeah, just those please.

Do you have a favourite treat, spot or toy?
My favourite treat is my lamb ears, they are so delicious and I refuse to eat them anywhere else but in my bed with my one eared crocodile. I chewed one ear off by accident!

What do you think makes you so special to your owner?
I am always there for my parents when they look bored. I see them sitting in front of the colourful screen, just staring, so I do a wee in front of them to rouse them. Sometimes, if I think they’re looking REALLY bored, I’ll wee on the couch!