Jeffrey & Jemima Cook

How did your owner decide they wanted a small friend and that you would be the right small friend for them?
Our parents were looking for a breed of dog that would be happy in a smaller space, such as an apartment. Like greyhounds, we Whippets are a great choice, because even though we love to run, we are happy to spend the majority of our days snoozing on the couch.

Where did your owner find you?
Jeffrey is a country boy from Condobolin while Jemima is from Melbourne.  

How did your owner choose your name?
When naming Jeffrey, our mum thought a name befitting a dapper English gentleman would, for some reason, be most appropriate for a Whippet. The name Jeffrey just came to her! The name Jemima works really well with Jeffrey, so dad chose that one, thinking of the Beatrix Potter character Jemima Puddle duck. Mum and Dad also have a good friend named Jemima who was quite honoured to have a lovely little pup named after her.

What do you enjoy doing?
We love to snooze – particularly on our parents’ bed when we are allowed – and to snuggle up to anything warm! Jemima loves nothing more than to go for a walk or to the dog park to chase the ball, while Jeffrey is more of a homebody and lives for dinner time.

Do you have a favourite treat, spot or toy?
We love the liver treats we get at Small Friends, and though we very rarely get it, we’d do anything for a bit of cheese. Our favourite spot is right at the bottom of our parents’ bed or basking in the sunshine by the window. Our toys generally don’t last long enough to become favourites!

What do you think makes you so special to your owner?
We are sensitive, affectionate members of the family who adore a cuddle and know when our parents are feeling down or unwell. We have recently had a little human brother join our family and we are so gentle and sweet with him.

Are there any funny or interesting facts about you that you can share with us?
In the summer we need doggie sunscreen. In the winter, doggie pyjamas!