Teiko Sutton

How did your owner decide they wanted a small friend and that you would be the right small friend for them? 
My owners decided to choose a smaller ‘friend’ than their previous dogs, and had met a wonderful Standard Schnauzer, and decided that was the breed for them. And they knew they wanted a little girl.

Where did your owner find you? 
My owner found me through a newspaper advertisement – I had to travel from Newcastle to join them.

How did your owner choose your name?
The ‘man of the house’ wanted to call me ‘Axle” because the money he paid for me was the money he had put aside to buy a new rear axle for the car he was restoring. The family had lived in Japan and decided to give me a pretty Japanese girl’s name – they thought that was quite suitable for a German breed of dog!

What do you enjoy doing? 
I love being with my people whatever they are doing, but I have ways to make sure my daily walks have a high priority for them. Playing is good, especially with the new squeaky toy one of my favourite carers gave me recently while my family was away. Now I’m an older lady, I just love my sleeps.

Do you have a favourite treat, spot or toy?
One of my favourite inside dozing/sleeping spots is on the leather lounge in the family room where I can keep an eye on the household activities. Outside, I have a very special spot under the deck and behind the plants where I doze on hot afternoons.

What do you think makes you so special to your owner?
My owners love that I am very affectionate with them and quite sociable. The man of the house really likes the fact that I rarely bark at anyone or anything.

Are there any funny or interesting stories about you that you can share with us?
I do like the water but I hate swimming. When I go on my owner’s kayak my family make me wear an orange ‘floatie’ because my rear end sinks if I try to swim – that just isn’t dignified!